"I got no family, nothing tying me to the outside. You want loyalty you got it."'

Grayson Reed
Nickname Gray
Karma Renegade of the Wastes
Age 36
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Class Wastelander
Profession Sphinx Security Officer
Affiliation The Sphinx
Face Claim Taylor Kinney
Player Sarah

History Edit

Background Edit

Born in Novac, Grayson has always hoped for more. He hated Novac and hasn’t been back since he left at 18 with a trading caravan. His parents were poor but good to him but Grayson had always been independent and rarely satisfied. He writes to his family but is more focused on his future. God forbid he die in Novac.

He stayed with the caravan while he learned the finer points with guns. Buy 22 he left the caravan and started seeking out odd jobs. He’s been learning much, mostly from trial and error but now at 36 he’s quite skilled now but he’d rather find a job with some perks, something that doesn’t involve radscorpions or sleeping on rocks. 

That in mind he’s traveled to New Vegas to find a new opportunity. 

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Personality Edit

Grayson spent many years working in the wastes weather it was extermination of geckos, or security, really any odd jobs. But the money never lasted and he wished for a better life. So now he’s looking for a place where his skills can be appreciated. He’s a rough and tumble guy happy and willing to jump in and nock some physical sense into people and he can be a bit of a hot head. But he’s a hard worker.

Grayson’s not hard to get along with, he’s always happy to smile though it may not be sincere. He has a tendency of getting a bit moody which in some cases makes him a royal ass. Though a friend he’ll do whatever he has to do to help. Even if it involves breaking or bending the rules, he’s never had an issue with that.

When it comes to woman, he’s always up for some fun. He’s never met a girl who could keep his attention long enough to settle down or would put up with his shit as he tends to get distant. He’s just used to being alone that’s not to say the shell cannot be cracked. He has a bad habit of not trusting and keeping secrets but it’s left over from his time in the wastes. 

Over all Grayson likes a good time, alcohol, gambling, woman. He’s up for just about anything. He does have a protective streak that comes out usually when a woman’s being slapped around or a kid in danger. He’s usually freaked out by this as he’s always convinced himself he’d never make a good family man, but he’s been wrong many a time. 

Appearance Edit

Just the usual scars of traveling the wastes, he’s got some nasty claw mark scars on his left side. 

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