"A lot of our boys and gals come to you when they're in trouble, y'never turn them away, so I think it's high time we return the favor." - Jospeh Hirsch

Followers of the Apocalypse
Leader Julie Farkas
Location Mojave Wasteland
Base Old Mormon Fort

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The Followers of the Apocalypse, or simply the Followers, are a secular-humanist faction based in the Core Region, and have established their presence in the Mojave Wasteland. Their goal is to tend to the inhabitants of the wasteland, as well as to ensure that the horrors of the Great War are never to be repeated. To that end, they serve as keepers of knowledge, a position which provides them with the skills they need to carry out their mission. Their base of operations in the Mojave Wasteland is located in the Old Mormon Fort that lies in Freeside.

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