"At least when I see a Legionnaire I know he plans to kill or enslave me, and that I should have my gun out. I like it better when there aren't shades of gray to muddle around in." - Cyrus

Caesar's Legion
Leader Caesar
Location Mojave Wasteland
Base Fortification Hill

Information Edit

Background Edit

Caesar's Legion is an autocratic, ultra-reactionary, utilitarian slaver society, founded in 2247 by Edward Sallow (also known as Caesar) and Joshua Graham and based on the ancient Roman Empire. Its Legionaries are a well organized, culturally insular fighting force that mainly operate east of the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon, in the former state of Arizona. Ever pushing east, their capital is the city of Flagstaff. Their base of operations within the Mojave Wasteland is Fortification Hill.

Recent Events Edit

A Frumentarii spy inside Camp McCarran laid the groundwork for a heist on a supply shipment meant for Camp Forlorn Hope. Legion Decanus Domitianus posed as a member of the supply's escort team and was aided by fellow Decanus Octavius in successfully intercepting the shipment and securing it in the name of Caesar despite casualties on both the Legion and New California Republic ends.

Legion spies have been spotted in and around the New Vegas area in recent weeks, most likely keeping an eye on NCR activity.

The Legion has not been spared from the infestation of the mysterious Virus.

Player Characters Edit

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